Gaelle Mievis : voice and stuff
Ludwig Pinchart : guitars
Pierre Abras : drums



Press and Music Kat’s Eyes/Katia Mahieu +32495901270

Booking Un soir Autour Du Monde/Julien Piret +32489422412


Gaelle Mievis,
Ludwig Pinchart
& Pierre Abras

have known each other for almost 20 years. They walked their first scenes together and then went to different paths with the wish and the certainty to meet one day or another.

After more than 15 years feeding on music and experiences with other bands, they finally create the rock project they dreamed of.

With their wild riffs, they denude rock to the bone and take us by the guts to bring us back to the essence of this musical movement: the frontal emotion.

“The Banging Souls is going to send you shivers down your spine and make your body roar„